Views from the Crow’s Nest

The Mess Haul #2 - Anti Trust Cycle for Big Tech + Avoiding Programmed Bias with AI/ML - with Archita Bhandari, Jivraj Karwa, and Boaz Salik

April 22, 2021

In this second installment of The Mess Haul (or Mess Hall), FischerJordan team members Archita Bhandari and Jivraj Karwa and partner Boaz Salik chat about whether we're headed for another anti-trust cycle, this time for Big Tech. We then shift to some speculation about programmed bias in AI/ML and whether there has ever been a successful social or governmental attempt to limit a technology's advancement. 


The Mess Haul is a departure from our usual interview-style format, instead featuring a more free-form conversational approach with multiple participants. This format is designed to generate quick takes on a handful of recent topics, facilitating shorter, more opinionated discussion with a number of different perspectives.


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