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Monday Mess Haul - Zero-Party Data + Who’s Really Partying for the Metaverse - with Jivraj Karwa and Boaz Salik

February 7, 2022

In this episode of The Monday Mess Haul, we want to know what's going on. Specifically, we want to know: 

  • Does zero-party data provide any new insights that can't be derived from existing data categories like first-, second-, or third-party data?
  • Should we consider it a subdivision of first-party data, or will it eventually become synonymous with first-party?
  • How could zero-party data factor into scenarios like credit decisioning? 
  • Is the hype about the Metaverse coming from any real-world demand, or is it an act of self-justification by tech monopolies?
  • If the COVID-19 pandemic made us live more online, do we think people only choose "life online" as an escape from bleak real-world conditions?

The Mess Haul features a more free-form conversational approach with multiple participants than our more interview-focused style. This format is designed to generate quick takes on a handful of recent topics, facilitating shorter, more opinionated discussion with a number of different perspectives. Each episode of The Mess Haul is recorded, edited, and released in the same day. 

Today's guests: Jivraj Karwa, Boaz Salik 

Background articles for this episode: 

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