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MMH - FUD about Crypto, + GMO Mosquitos, Reversing User Bans (or not using at all?) - with Neet Shah, Boaz Salik

May 19, 2022

In this episode of the *Midweek Mess Haul, Nathan, Neet, and Boaz share thoughts on GMOs mosquitos, their outlook on crypto after the hard plummet of 5/12, and the strategic ramifications of permanent social media bans. 

  • The Quick Take: does introducing GMO mosquitos into an ecosystem have too many unintended consequences waiting in the wings? 
  • The Big Dig: is the end-state of the current "Wild West" of crypto something where only the strongest survived? 
  • The Final Cut: why should (or shouldn't) social media companies consider using permanent bans as a way to enforce terms of use?

The Mess Haul features a more free-form conversational approach with multiple participants than our more interview-focused style. This format is designed to generate quick takes on a handful of recent topics, facilitating shorter, more opinionated discussion with a number of different perspectives. Each episode of The Mess Haul is (usually) recorded, edited, and released in the same day. 

Today's conversationalists: Nathan Johnson, Neet Shah, Boaz Salik 

Hosted, recorded, and produced for FischerJordan by Nathan Johnson



FischerJordan is a New York-based consulting, thought-leadership, and outsourcing firm helping business leaders exchange complexity for clarity. We use rigorous data analytics, specialized staffing, and custom technology solutions to deliver workable strategies for clients in financial services and healthcare.  

Background articles for this episode:

  • Quartz on Oxitech and GMO mosquitos
  • Bloomberg, Forbes on crypto news
  • WIRED on Elon Musk's plans to reverse Twitter's bans on high profile users

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