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MMH - Did Anybody Even Watch the Olympics? + Electric Luxury Cars, Crypto ”Haters” - feat. Boaz Salik, Kshitish Nanda

February 21, 2022

In this episode of the Monday Mess Haul (MMH), FischerJordan team members get into sports and cars (just not sports cars). Some of our questions for each other: 

  • Does NBCUniversal's promotional partnership with TikTok for the Winter Olympics indicate a broader trend for sports viewership, or was this a more concentrated attempt to boost lagging viewership for the Olympics? 
  • Why might the Olympics have struggled recently to acquire and retain viewers?
  • Is there a large enough market for "electrifying" luxury cars that companies like Lunaz might see more competition? 
  • Is pushback for crypto from entities like the Financial Stability Board just par for the course with anything that threatens the status quo?

The Mess Haul features a more free-form conversational approach with multiple participants than our more interview-focused style. This format is designed to generate quick takes on a handful of recent topics, facilitating shorter, more opinionated discussion with a number of different perspectives. Each episode of The Mess Haul is recorded, edited, and released in the same day. 

Today's guests: Kshitish Nanda, Boaz Salik 


FischerJordan is a New York-based consulting, thought-leadership, and outsourcing firm helping business leaders exchange complexity for clarity. We use rigorous data analytics, specialized staffing, and custom technology solutions to deliver workable strategies for clients in financial services and healthcare.  

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