Views from the Crow’s Nest

Food Insecurity During the Holidays - Following Up with Our U.S. Food Availability Improvement Partners

November 22, 2022

In this special episode of Views from the Crow's Nest, FischerJordan once again moderates a round-table discussion between four non-profit food bank/pantry/meal kitchen organizations partnered with us in our U.S. FAIR (Food Availability Improvement Resource) initiative. 

Following up on a discussion with these partners from April of this year, we chat about:

  • Unique ways they're responding to families in need during the holidays
  • How each organization is dealing with rising food prices
  • Local food sourcing options and alternatives in their particular context.  

Organizations represented in this discussion - 


FischerJordan’s FAIR initiative (Food Availability Improvement Resource) is our primary avenue for giving back to the communities where we operate. With FAIR, we’ve partnered with over a dozen volunteer-run, non-profit food pantries and food banks in the US, India, and Israel, supplying them with crucial food items directly to help provide food for those in need in a way that maximizes the impact of every dollar spent. Learn more at 


Recorded, edited, and published by Nathan Johnson for FischerJordan. 

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