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#006 - How Immersive Gaming Technologies Will Change the Internet - with Trevor Barran

January 24, 2022

We're back with our first full-length episode of 2022 in this forward-looking conversation with entrepreneur Trevor Barran. Trevor is a FischerJordan co-founder and is currently one of four partners at CloudTree Ventures, which is focused on technologies driving interactive entertainment and the metaverse.

We get into both some broad trends and specific applications of the immersive entertainment space – which includes things like augmented and virtual reality, but you’ll quickly learn that there are things happening in this domain that go far beyond just entertainment or gaming. Some of the topics we cover: 

  • What we mean by "immersive/interactive entertainment” and why it's relevant today
  • Why Facebook's pivot to Meta actually isn't that surprising
  • Companies that are already making interesting moves with AR/VR technologies

  • What kind of infrastructure will need to be built to fully realize this technology's potential 
  • Whether an immersive future will still be controlled by the tech giants we know today or if a new set of competitors/leaders might emerge
  • The surprisingly simple constraint that stands in the way of a "Ready Player One"-style future

Find out more about CloudTree Ventures at

This podcast is an in-house production of FischerJordan, a specialized consulting firm in New York with emphases in strategy, analytics, and technology. Find out more about our approach to delivering client value, career opportunities, and our work within our communities at


NOTES - Key Terms and Further Reading

Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC): “A special purpose acquisition company, also known as a "blank check company", is a shell corporation listed on a stock exchange with the purpose of acquiring a private company, thus making it public without going through the traditional initial public offering process. Wikipedia”

OMO – Online Merged with Offline

Matthew Ball

xR = Extended Reality. From WorldStage: “Extended Reality (xR) is a next-generation process for film, broadcast and live event production. ... Mixed Reality (MR) combines camera tracking and real-time rendering to create an immersive virtual environment, visible live on set and shot directly in camera.”

What are haptics?

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