Views from the Crow’s Nest

#004 - Alternative Financing Before, During, & After a Global Pandemic - Naren Nayak and Sachin Goel

May 28, 2021

Naren Nayak is a 20-year veteran of Capital Markets and Securitization and current treasurer at Credibly, a leading small business fintech lender. In this episode of Views from the Crow's Nest, we sat down with him and senior FischerJordan manager Sachin Goel for a dialogue about the evolution of the alternative lending space in the time preceding, during, and eventually following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Some of what we covered: 

  • The difference between alternative and traditional lenders
  • What makes an alternative lender more attractive to small businesses for securing financing 
  • How the COVID pandemic impacted the alternative commercial lending space and how things might look going forward 
  • How investor attitudes toward alt-lenders may have shifted post-COVID
  • Potential impacts of cryptocurrency on the alt lending space in the future 

Welcome to the crow's nest! 

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